Our Mission

Urban Trigger Technologies is a company founded on the firm belief that our collective progress intimately connects with our ability to effectuate new knowledge.

Today cities are growing at unprecedented pace and the UN predicts 68% of the world population to be living in urban areas by 2050. The architecture, engineering and construction industry is also responsible for almost 40% of global CO₂ emissions. We therefore collectively confront very real need for change, in order to adapt and flourish within the constraints of our environment.

We believe this adaptation involves a complex systems perspective. A perspective where the actors within today's AEC industry are given meaningful and economic incentive for collective and sustainable change. To bridge this vision we are building a new competitive edge, by providing a platform and lens to uncover, understand and seize shared action and progress in a broader urban context.

Building on more than two decades of research and studies of the interaction between human cognition and built environments, and utilizing the timely opportunities afforded by today's digitalization, data-driven analytics and artificial intelligence, we are excited to set forth on the journey to provide the next standard in management, operations and maintenance for the AEC industry.

Our Team

Ole Möystad

Founding Partner

+47 45 00 64 95


Ole received his Dr. Ing. at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 1994. At the American University of Beirut 1994-97 he taught, practiced and researched on cognitive processes during warfare and post war reconstruction. He has been associated with ETSAB, Barcelona and Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, and he became a professor at the NTNU in 2012. Ole has always investigated the dynamic field between thought and agency, and in 2017 he published the work that underpins the ‘BIOS’ of the Urban Trigger: Cognition and the Built Environment.

Jørgen Skatland

Founding Partner

+47 99 48 78 78


Jørgen has an academic background from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, as an architect and urbanist. His research focuses knowledge mechanisms in the Norwegian AEC-industry. He is the co-founder of Urban Trigger Agency, bringing research insights on Value-chain-driven Urbanism into the commercial and public realm. He also holds experience from BTB sales (wine & beer sommelier) and art festival production, and is an avid dancer.

Hugo Nilsen

Founding Partner

+47 98 67 47 70


Hugo is a self-employed architect, amateur composer and guitar player, the founder of Studio M89 and project leader at the Wood Industry Federation. His research interest focuses the overlap between architecture and artificial intelligence. He has also led product development and research projects, and he holds experience with national and international work in standardization committees on the topic of digitalization within the AEC Industry.  

Oslo Office

Stockfleths gate

Norway, 0461 Oslo

0047 99 48 78 78


The digitalization of the AEC industry brings unprecedented opportunity for new connectivity. This allows for new levels of learning and operations optimization for organizations that maintain, operate and build our cities. 


Join us as we build the next generation AI driven management, operations, maintenance and urban development platform.

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